Workout Secrets – Part 6


So this is the final part of this series on how to work out effectively. Red Frog Fitness incorporates all 6 essential movement patterns into every session we take.

Over the past few weeks, we have run through the 5 essential movement patterns that you should include in your workouts.
Just following these 5 simple movements will ensure you hit every muscle in your body, balance out your workouts, and get so much more done in less time.

But there is 1 more thing that you should include in your workouts. It’s not an essential movement pattern but it should be addressed and mastered as soon as possible.

The final part of your workout should include:

MOVEMENT 6 : Core Training

Your core muscles are at the center of all your movement. If you were to remove your arms and legs then you’d be left with your core.
So your core includes your buttocks, abs, back, and even all those muscles up the sides of your body.

Your core offers a solid platform for your limbs to operate from, it’s the foundation of movement. The stronger the core, the more powerful, stable, and safer the movement becomes.

If your core is weak then your spine is forced to move unprotected. This is one of the main reasons why so many people injure themselves when exercising.

With us all spending more time sitting and working at desks the core muscles get deactivated for long periods of time. Frequently deactivated core muscles can often be hard to engage during movement.

It is for this reason that core training should also be added to your workout routine.

I hope you have enjoyed the 6 part series on how to work out effectively. Stay tuned for more soon from Red Frog Fitness.

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