Workout Secrets – Part 5


So we are closing in on the last 2 parts of this 6 part series on how to work intelligently for maximum results in minimum amounts of time.

A few days ago we investigated the importance of the pulling movement and today we are on to the 5th vital movement for your workout…

MOVEMENT 5 : The Deadlift

Whenever you pick something up off the floor you are performing a variation of the Deadlift pattern.

The deadlift works almost every muscle in the body except for the chest so it’s an incredible full-body exercise. In particular, it will work your buttocks, legs, back and core.

The deadlift is our most powerful movement pattern and this makes sense when you look back at how we evolved by lifting and moving rocks, wood, and animals killed for food.

The deadlift is also an incredible postural exercise. It works heavily into the back of the body and helps develop all those postural muscles that help you stand and sit up straight.

There are many variations of the deadlift: you can deadlift with one hand, two hands, or one leg, with a rotation, explosively or dynamically, like with the kettlebell swing.

All deadlift movements focus on hinging at the hips, this enables the powerful buttocks to extend the hips. In order for the buttocks to do their job the core and back muscles must be braced and kept flat.

Hip hinge development is not easy and I often see even the most experienced athletes bending at the lower back rather than the hips and putting their lumbar spine under serious strain.

It is well worth the time practicing hip hinging with no additional load until your technique is mastered and then building things up from there.

OK, so that’s the 5th movement pattern. Hope you have been enjoying this series so far. Look out for the final movement very soon.

Until then, take care!