Workout Secrets – Part 3


We are flying along with my new series on how to get the most from your workouts.

So far we have covered the Lunge and the Push. Today I want to focus on the 3rd essential movement to include in your workout…

MOVEMENT 3: The Squat

Every time we use a chair, sit on the toilet, or get into a car we are using a variation of the Squat pattern.

If you take a look at the way kids learn to stand or watch young children playing on the floor you will see them using the Squat.

There is nothing more natural and vital than the squat.
The Squat pattern works all the muscles of the legs and if performed correctly the buttocks, back, and core muscles.

The Squatting movement also pumps nutrients around the body, helps open up and heal the lower back and actively squeezes the bowel to improve elimination.
There are lots of variations of the Squat including side-stepping squats, twisting squats, single-leg squats and even jumping squats. Even the old-fashioned Burpee is a variation of the squat.

Many people avoid the Squat saying it hurts their knees or they struggle with their mobility to get down deep enough into the Squat position to activate their buttocks.

But the Squat cannot and should not be avoided.
Horrible consequences start to emerge when you make excuses not to squat correctly. If you need help then hold onto a chair or pole. Your mobility and strength will improve with time.

You must try to include a Squat in every workout.
I’ll be back soon with the next installment 🙂