Workout Secrets – Part 1


This is the 1st in a 6 part series where I’m revealing my personal training secrets on how to work like a true pro.

At Red Frog Fitness we use natural movements, maximize the amount of muscle activated, and have our exercises carry over into real life.

Like all great things in life simplicity is the key…

 All workouts regardless of whether you are looking to lose fat, improve performance, or build muscle can be placed into a framework of only 6 movements.
That’s right, just 6!

If you can learn to master these 6 movements then everything will fall into place. You can design your own balanced and effective workouts, as well as get results quicker and safer than ever before.

OK, let’s get started with the 1st Movement…

MOVEMENT 1: The Lunge

The Lunge is a very important movement pattern. Every time you walk up some stairs, play sports, run, or actively reach forward with one leg you are performing a variation of the lunge.

 With every lunge you heavily activate your thighs (quad muscles) and your buttocks (glute muscles). You also improve your balance and hip mobility which in turn helps to take pressure off your lower back.
The Lunge is one of our most important movement patterns and yet it is very rarely seen in gyms today.
The reason why many people avoid the lunge is because it’s not easy. It’s tiring. It requires skill and balance.

 But the lunge is essential for your workout program and activates a lot of muscle mass including your core!

There are lots of variations of the Lunge, you can lunge forwards, backward, to the side or diagonally, and even jump. You can even class step-ups as a lunge variation.
And while you are Lunging you can activate even more muscles by using the upper body. You can twist, reach, hold, and press with your arms.
There are literally hundreds of Lunge variations but ultimately it is still a lunge.

 So next time you are thinking about a workout make sure you include some kind of lunge variation and you will get stronger, burn more calories, and improve your heart and lunges quicker than you thought possible.

That’s all for today, I’ll be back soon with the 2nd Crucial movement pattern for your workout.

Until then, take care and practice those Lunges!