In her own words – Sherryl’s Amazing Transformation

At the end of 2016 I was physically and mentally at an all-time low. After two years dealing with a couple of serious health issues, I was the heaviest and most unfit I had ever been in my life. For too many years I had also been putting work before everything else, especially looking after myself.
Just before Christmas 2016, I lost 3kgs through healthy eating and walking but the process was painstakingly slow. It was taking so much longer to drop kilos at 54, than it did when I was younger! I began to wonder if menopause and advancing years were contributing to a sluggish metabolism and if walking alone was never going to be enough to get rid of the 30kgs I needed to lose.
I didn’t just want to lose weight, I wanted to get fit and be healthy as well. My body (and life) needed a re-boot!!

A friend of mine had been going to Red Frog Fitness for 2+ years and I had been watching her unbelievable progress and transformation with amazement but never thought I would be as disciplined as she was. I also didn’t see myself as being a ‘group fitness’ type of person. Around this time, I received an email from Charles at Red Frog Fitness about the next 8-Week Challenge. I decided it was time to do something different and signed up to Red Frog Fitness on my 55th birthday. In hindsight, it has been one of the smartest and best things I have done for myself for years.

To date, I have lost 15kgs and whilst the weight loss remains a motivator, it is the change in my outlook and attitude that has been quite profound for me. Prior to Red Frog Fitness I was mindlessly eating and had reached such a low point that I lost the belief that I could ever get myself out of the hole I was in. I haven’t dieted a day since I started Red Frog Fitness but in that time I just seem to have naturally developed a much healthier relationship with food and attitude toward weight loss. I’m motivated to eat healthier and am much more conscious of what I’m putting into my mouth and how much I’m eating; but there is nothing I don’t eat. Once I was focused on just losing kilos but after a while it became clear that through Red Frog Fitness, my body was being transformed into a stronger, leaner, more flexible and fitter version of what it was. I not only lost weight quickly but huge numbers of centimetres were disappearing from all over my body. I’m so much more aware of how my body ‘works’ now.
Other health benefits far outweigh the initial weight loss. The growth in my self-esteem alone has been incredible. I am actually starting to like this new fitter me. Instead of feeling weak, unfit, old and hopeless, for the first time in years I can honestly say that I am proud of my efforts and optimistic that continuing on with Red Frog Fitness long-term will allow me to remain fit and healthy as I get older. I now do more incidental exercise, am able to go on long walks and am building up to longer hikes with my super fit husband. I am more flexible, more toned, more mobile, more motivated, more optimistic, more positive and more disciplined. I feel more in control of my life and it is the best feeling in the world!

What I love the most about Red Frog Fitness is Charles’ patience and sense of humour, as well as his obvious passion for health and fitness; for any age. Our group is a mix of ages and fitness levels and Charles adapts workouts according to each individual’s needs. In the beginning I was so nervous about how unfit I was and that I would slow others down but everyone in the group has always encouraged and supported me every single step of the way. Charles encouraged me to just start out doing what I could do and slowly build up strength, endurance and flexibility. I have never felt pushed or under pressure of any kind. I love the variety of activities which keeps the workouts challenging but fresh and interesting; you never know from one day to the next what you will be doing. If someone had told me when I first started, that in a few months I would be able to run around Suncorp Stadium without stopping and enjoy boxing; I would have fallen over laughing!!

As my confidence has grown, I have even re-discovered my competitive spirit (with myself) and now constantly try to better my performance, even just a little, each workout.

If you’re thinking of giving Red Frog Fitness a go, take the plunge!! I know that you will never regret it.

Thanks Red Frog Fitness… sign me up for the next 6 months!!