Which is better.. bodyweight exercise or weights?


The argument between bodyweight exercise enthusiasts and weight lifters has raged on for years. Bodyweight exercisers say that when you lift heavy weights over a long period of time, it ends up destroying your body.

But weight lifters point to well-established research and say, “You can’t get more muscular when you lift just your own body weight. You need to progressively overload the muscle with weights.”

The truth of the matter is that you can build a very muscular physique without ever touching a weight.
But there are MORE benefits to bodyweight training…

Here are my Top 7 reasons for choosing Bodyweight Exercises Over Weight Lifting:

1. Builds “Whole Body” Strength – When you use bodyweight exercise as a tool to build strength, you typically choose exercises that involve the whole body. The supporting muscles are used as synergists to help you perform the movement. There are exercises in weight lifting that have a similar effect, but not as many.
2. Harder to Get Injured – One of the biggest reasons I like bodyweight exercises more than weight lifting is that they dramatically decrease the likelihood of injury. When you use a certain amount of weight as your determining factor for your set, it becomes very easy to go too far. When you rely on ability (as in bodyweight exercise) as your determining factor, it’s much more difficult to injure yourself.

3. Allows For Tremendous Creativity – Now obviously this one is up for argument (and I certainly welcome it). But bodyweight exercise allows for tremendous creativity when it comes to combining movements together to create a “flow” or kata. That’s essentially what yoga is: a flowing combination of bodyweight exercises. The flowing nature of this type of movement can help the practitioner reach a meditative state that rejuvenates the mind and body.

4. Improves Your Balance – Balance is one of the fastest things to go as we age, and we really must use it or lose it. Lifting weights may help to maintain your balance somewhat, but safe weight training doesn’t put you in the sort of positions that challenge your balance as bodyweight exercise does.

5. Greater Convenience – This is one of the most common and well-known benefits of bodyweight training. No matter where you are or where you go, you always have your own body. And so you never need a gym to train. Just drop to the ground and start banging out some push-ups!

6. Strengthen The Core With Every Move – A strong core will help prevent injury in your lower back and other areas of the body. 99% of the bodyweight exercises you perform will be strengthening the core as a stabilizer muscle.

7. Improve Flexibility While You Build Strength – I certainly don’t subscribe to the “muscle-bound” fear that many women (and some men) have about lifting weights. And I know plenty of bodybuilders who are actually very flexible. The key difference is that bodyweight exercises will help improve your flexibility without additional stretching.

There are many more reasons why bodyweight exercises are better than weight lifting, but these are my Top 7.

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