Tell Your Gym To get  “Funct”ional


Have you been to a gym littered with machines, used them, had a workout and gone home? Great, haven’t we all. But, did you know that the gym and its equipment are not a requirement for you to be able to do effective workouts?

In fact, more beneficial exercises for your body are best done outside the machine-cluttered emporium of a typical gym. Working out purely with the use of machines is not the most ideal method for getting the best results for You.


Use your body as a machine… Now you’re talking!!

The difference between getting good results to achieving great results is how you exercise. If you want results that will work towards improving your body shape, muscle tone, posture and functionality; don’t be a gym machine dummy, do ‘Functional Training’.

Functional training dumps all of the complicated machines and YOU become the machine. With compound exercises and large focus on balance, stability and coordination, your health and fitness will sky rocket. Not only will you achieve greater results faster, you will also improve your resistance to injury, your posture and your capability of accomplishing everyday activities with greater ease and capability. You will stand taller, feel better and live stronger when you train in functional fitness.

The word “functional” is directly related to the movement itself. How many times do you do a 45 degree leg press action in your day to day life? Not very often.
Now, how many times will you do a squat with an abdominal twist? Sounds technical, but getting up off the computer chair and turning to walk away are directly related to this functional based exercise.
The benefits of functional based training are limitless in terms of improving quality of life, health and fitness. But, to list a few more:
• Improves your balance
• Improves your stability
• Improves your neuromuscular coordination
• Improves your core strength

No expensive gym memberships or equipment is needed for you to have a more beneficial workout, all workout, every workout.

Another huge benefit of functional exercise is the posture side of things. Look at the way an infant moves about; do you see any postural issues? Infants have the least amount of postural issues. As we get older, the habits that we slip into lead to our posture becoming poorer. Bad postural habits have become common place in today’s society. Rounded shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt (duck bum) or poke neck are among the most common postural problems that can all be eliminated with the application of functional fitness into your life.

Red Frog Fitness is all about Functional Movement!

Red Frog Fitness specialises in helping you create the YOU that you want through functional exercises!! There are no fancy machines, only you, some basic equipment and the environment.
Whether you are training for Tough Mudder or have never done a single push-up, every exercise is adjusted to match your fitness level. The result will be a stronger, leaner and more balanced body.

So call us on 0417 210 701 even if it is just to chat about your goals, your current workouts, and your results to date!
What are you waiting for … Hop To It!.