Red Frog Fitness 7 Day Kick Start Program


If you want to lose at least 3 Kg in 1 Week, then click here now to enter your details and find out more!

The cost is only $29 and if you don’t Lose At Least 3Kgs, we will Gift you Double your Investment back. What have you got to Lose?? … Except weight!!!

The last time we ran this Challenge, 9 people lost a total of 28.8kgs in a week!
Everyone lost weight, between 2.8kgs and 3.6kgs; which is a fantastic result. From a personal point of view, I found it a lot easier knowing other people were doing it at the same time and touching base with everyone every day to hear how they were doing, etc.

Click here to enter your details and read how one of our existing clients Lost 6Kgs 1 Weeks in early August by following this exact Program.

Read what Melanie, 43, had to say about the Program:

“I started with Red Frog Fitness 8 weeks ago. Charles introduced me to the 7-Day Eating Plan, which originates from a hospital-based diet designed for cardiac patients to achieve rapid weight loss before undergoing surgery.
I started the diet soon after I started training with Red Frog Fitness.
Surprisingly, I found the diet very tasty. The soup was very easy to make and store and I found it quite amazing how filling the soup was. I found this diet really worked for me and I found it extremely easy to commit to it, due to the large variety of fruit and vegetables that you could eat.
For me, the hardest day was the day that you could only eat bananas, milk, and soup (although making Banana Smoothies helped!).
The easiest days were the days you were allowed to eat up to 500 grams of beef or chicken – days 5 and 6.
Overall I found this diet very helpful in kick-starting my weight loss.
I lost 6 kilos on the 7-Day Eating Plan.
I highly recommend this diet to anyone who needs a quick kickstart in weight loss.
Overall, I have lost 10kgs (and 2 dress sizes) in my first 8 Weeks with Red Frog Fitness and couldn’t be happier with my progress so far.”

You’ll work directly with me to gain confidence, get out of a rut, build a strong mind and body, and most importantly Lose Weight! This is NOT an online program. You will have access to me directly for the Whole Program and beyond.

I am after people who are sick of being where they are, and want to change but don’t know how to start or get there. If you are ready, then take action today.

So, if you want to get results once and for all, then click here now to find out more about our 7-Day Kick Start Program. What are you waiting for… Hop To it!