Exercise – Make it easy! Do not overcomplicate your exercise plan

Exercise – Make it easy! Do not overcomplicate your exercise plan

“Progress equals happiness” Tony Robbins


Move every day and your motivation will soar. You will be energized by your workout, you will have feel-good hormones raging through your body and you will be proud of your achievements. Your behavior for the rest of the day will reflect the effort you have put in and you will be less likely to self-sabotage.

Small wins early increase your chance of achieving success later. Those who implement a successful exercise routine start off by building up slowly and consistently. They work within not only their ability but also what they are confident they can achieve. This may be as simple as a 5 or 10minute walk or it may be as complex as a gym workout or HIIT session. If you are not sure where exactly you are reach out for expert help. Good trainers will be able to make an assessment and write you programs that are suited to your level of confidence and ability. If you have ever experienced being overwhelmed it is not a good motivator. When you are just starting a new routine you already have enough going on that you do not want to complicate the situation with 10 brand-new exercises to learn.

3 Tips on how to move every day

1. Do it as soon as you can you will have the most willpower earlier and won’t be as tired from decisions and activities you have already performed. If it has to be in the afternoon back it onto the school run, as soon as you get back from work or straight after dinner. You will be able to leverage these already-established habits.

2. Make it really easy, to begin with 1 minute or 2 minutes of training until you succeed at least 5 times in a row. You will see your confidence start to soar and it will be easier to progress to more challenging training sessions.

3. Track your results so you can tap into the competitive you. Beating a personal best or even just the score you got last week will do amazing things for your motivation and eagerness to go again!