5 Ways to Increase your Wellness and Happiness

Dont Worry Be happy

Have you ever wanted to be happier in your every day life ?

Have you built systems in your life to combat your anxieties, depressive states and anger but stuck on increasing overall happiness and wellness? 

Then this post will be extremely relevant for you! The tools to take you from miserable to neutral are not the same set of tools that will increase your wellness and allow you to flourish. 

Below are 5 action steps that you can take to start increasing your wellness and happiness. 

  1. Be grateful – try and focus on what you have to be grateful for in life, in the past and the present.
  2. Do something for others as often as possible – It makes you feel good as well as them.
  3. Reflect – at the end of each day, reflect on three things that went well in your day and make a note of them.
  4. Find your flow – take part in as many activities as you can that give you a sense of flow (flow is a state where you can do a task or activity and time becomes non-existent and you are able to lose yourself in that specific task). 
  5. Find meaning – This includes in your work and a sense of purpose in your life.