3 Fitness & Fat Loss Workouts for the Busy Individual

In the world of business, whether you are a parent with children or working crazy hours, or most commonly in today’s age both; I have created 3 Simple and extremely effective workouts you can do at home or in your hotel room with no equipment for fitness and fat loss!


Quick No Equipment No Excuses

Push-ups x 3 sets sub max 

Squats x 3 sets x20 

Lunges x 3 sets walking x 20steps

Plank x 3 sub max efforts 

Fat Burning Circuit

30 seconds each 30 seconds rest

For 4 rounds 

High knees

Mountain climbers


Bicycle crunches 


Foundation Strength

Push-ups x 5 sets sub max 

Inverted rows (dips)  x 5 sets max

Squats x 10 max x 5 sets

Jump squats x 10 max x 5 sets 

Jack knives limited range 3 x10

Plank 2 sets as long as you can hold


And remember… Always warm up and cool down