3 Awesome Workouts to get you into that fat burning mode for Summer!

The benefits of these workouts are;

  • A more lean and toned physique
  • Maximum metabolic effect post workout (burn fat whilst you sleep)
  • A stronger core
  • Amazing aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Did I mention you will burn fat whilst you sleep?

These three are just are a small handful of some of the fun stuff that I personally like to play with and give my 1 on 1 personal training clients!

The beauty of these is not only do you get an amazing physical workout but it is a mental challenge too! You will walk away from all of the below workouts exhausted but satisfied that you completed the session or at least scored a new pb!

Make sure you use a dynamic warm up before starting any of these exercise programs

Round the world challenge

Find a 500m distance to or nearest too! This might be around the block, it might be around a football oval etc

Run 500m

100 push ups (as long as it takes, at a variation that your fitness level allows!)

Run 500m

100 Jump squats

Run 500m

Run 500m100 inverted rows (as long as it takes, at a variation that your fitness level allows)

100 bicycle crunches

Run 500m


5 minute ab workout!

If your back hurts during any of the below exercise stop and rest for the remainder of the minute, then start again with the next exercise – it is not worth injuring your self!

1 minute – plank

1 minute – bicycle crunches

1 minute – reverse crunches

1 minute – seated v twists

1 minute – reverse curls


Tough Mudder circuit!

1 minute on 30 seconds off for 10 different exercises, take a 2 minute break and then repeat!

Beginner Advanced

Push ups T-Push ups

Walking lunges Jump Lunges

Inverted row (pronated grip) Supinated grip chin ups

Step ups Broad jumps

Plank Super man plank (30 seconds ea side)

Dips Spiderman push ups or full body Dips

Squat hold Jump Squats

Inverted row (supinated grip) Chin ups wide grip

High knees Mountain Climbers

Side plank Star side plank

Mix and match these as you need to for your own fitness level!

The ultimate challenge is to get through the advanced circuit with out stopping on any of the work stations